Mercury Glass

Posted by on 11/29/2011

Mercury Glass Tea Light Holders
and Candlesticks from Luna Bazaar.
Photo: Deborah Dempsey for A Gala Affair
Vintage-Inspired D├ęcor for
This Season and All Seasons

This year mercury glass can be found everywhere – in candlesticks, hanging ornaments, vases, and candle holders. It’s no wonder, since mercury glass is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and festivity to any home or party setting.

What is Mercury Glass?

The term “mercury glass” is actually a misnomer. Mercury has been banned in items for everyday use for decades. “Silvered Glass” is the correct name. It refers to the silvered finish applied to the inside of the glass. The finish can also be gold or any other color. Think colorful Christmas tree ornaments. Even when the mercury glass is gold, the process is still referred to as “silvering”.

Why is Mercury Glass So Popular?

It’s Versatile
Mercury Glass fits in virtually anywhere, from the opera gala to the intimate dinner with that special someone. It’s the Little Black Dress of decorative accessories.

It Sparkles and Amplifies Lighting
Each mercury glass piece is literally a miniature mirror. The silvered interior of the glass is highly reflective. A mercury glass vase or candlestick placed next to an evergreen holiday centerpiece will pick up the green and bounce it back. By placing mercury glass votives near candlelight you double the glow.

Gold Mercury Glass Ornament

Mercury Glass Ornaments Create a Cozy, Old-fashioned Atmosphere
Our ornament designs are modeled after vintage decorations that used to adorn the Christmas trees and homes of our grandparents and great-grandparents. The simple shapes recall a time when all Santa had was candlelight to find his was to the cookies!

No Polishing Required!

Silver Mercury Glass
With mercury glass you can get the glimmer and shine of Sterling silver
without having to ask Aunt Myrtle to haul out the old wedding gifts
from before the war. We are not claiming that you will mistake one of our silver
mercury glass candlesticks for a polished, metal one that weighs
several pounds. But, mercury glass will give you the look of gold or sterling silver with very little effort, and you won’t have to rob a bank.

At Luna Bazaar mercury glass items compare favorably with similar glass products. Our Silver Mercury Glass Candle Holder (globe design below) sells for $4.25 (less if ordered in bulk).

Compare this to the Red Gilded Glass Candle Holder, also $4.25,

and the Capiz Lotus and Square Candle Holders for $3.95.

Now you know, there’s no reason not to add sparkle to your celebrations with Mercury Glass!