New Years Eve Party Ideas ☆

Posted by on 12/30/2014

New Year’s Eve is a fabulous holiday, ripe with celebratory possibilities.  So without further ado, here’s to New Beginnings & wonderful ways to welcome 2015!

Get The Look! Ultra Chic New Year's Eve Party


After chatting with my co-workers here at Luna bazaar, I could not help but share some of the totally awesome plans we’ve come up with to ring in the New Year.  Bear in mind, we are a rather eclectic crowd, which is what I love most about this list of New Year’s Eve party ideas – there should be something fun for every one!

For the Ultra Chic:


How to have a glitzy cocktail party for you and your entourage! ~
Start with a dress code and request all your guests to dress to the nines.  Then, like all classy hosts {and hostess’} work out the layout of your party space to promote ideal mixing and mingling for your guests to enjoy.  Shop our Get The Look! New Year’s Eve collection for a stunning palette of gold, silver, white, black and grey decorations.  Set up a small “favor” table near the door.  As your guests arrive they can pick up some great party props and supplies for an evening of fun.  We’re thinking home-made party hats, DIY straw mustaches & goofy glasses made with crepe paper, DIY Candy Poppers and DIY Confetti Poppers {see also: push-popper style home-made Confetti Poppers}.
Place a clock {or two} in some prominent places throughout your home, such as at the buffet or above the bar.  This way your guests can keep track of the countdown throughout the night {so important!}.  As for the party themes, check out some of our favorite buffet and bar menus for New Year’s Eve, decked with all the seasonal glitz & metallics we are pining over:
~ 12 New Year’s Eve Cocktails via The Chic Table
~ A Glittery Holiday Fete via The Sweetest Occasion
~ A New Year’s Eve Gold Rush Party via The Sweetest Occasion

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For the Whole Family:


Hosting a sleep over for the kids?  Why not?!  It’s fun to celebrate the New Year with children, so full of energy, hope & wonder.  Load up on sweet treats for an Apothecary Jar candy bar, and make some wonderful homemade party poppers filled with toys, candies, little trinkets, and jokes inside!  If you have the location for it, plan some night sledding or an outdoor campfire with a hot coco bar, and a wonderful s’mores bar!  Plus, check out this radical Mock-Champagne for your New Years Toast! {Non-alcoholic} Recipe via Oh So Delicioso.

For additional New Year’s Eve for Kids party ideas check out the Best New Year’s Eve Ever! via Craftibilities.


For the Laid Back & Over Worked:

And, last but not least, my personal favorite ☺~ a small and simple make your own pizza party!
Ask all of your guests to bring a topping, and then mix & match buffet style!  Set a table to host all of the pot luck pieces of your pies.  Keep it simple, and easy, this way even the host can kick back and relax with their friends!

For additional ideas, please take a moment to visit our New Year’s Eve Pinterest inspiration board.

All in all, no matter what you choose to do to celebrate New Beginnings, always remember to slow down so you can take a moment to appreciate your guests, share in the good times and look forward to the year to come.  Happy New Year’s from the LB Team!

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Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List!

Posted by on 12/19/2014

‘Tis the season for togetherness & generosity!
 width=It feels wonderful to share  during this time of year, but gift-giving can become rather expensive without careful planning, especially at the last minute!  It’s important to remember that the intention of the gift is what matters most, so there’s no need to lose your mind or break the bank.

I have come up with a way of managing my gift giving funds to include every type of special some-one that I’d like to show gratitude this year.  Here are some tips to getting your own list organized so you can check it twice!  Whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day or Kwanzaa, this Gift-giving method is sure to be useful during this hectic shopping season.

Start by writing down all of the people you want to give a gift to, this list can include friends, family, co-workers, teachers, neighbors… even the garbage man!
Then separate the list by large {$$$}, medium {$$} and small {$} “gift idea groups”.

1.) Your family – These are people that you know really well, and have (usually) a pretty good idea of what they would want.  If you’re still looking for gifts for your Wife, your Girlfriend, your Mother, Daughter, Sister or others of your nearest & dearest loved ones, we offer a variety of gorgeous luxury gifts for the home, including:

❄︎ Tapestries & Wall Art
❄︎ Gold Luxe Candle Holders
❄︎ Hand-Made Throw Pillows
❄︎ Apothecary Jars

2.) Your friends- Somewhat similar to your Family as far as knowing who they are and what they may want.  To browse for your pals {and extended family} check out our selection of Holiday Gifts Under $40 or, if you (or they) are the creative type, shop our DIY Holiday Gifts for the Crafter.  Also, check out our fabulous Flutter Table Runners {which can function as Chair Sashes or even light weight scarves!} as the base for this Homemade Snowflake Tablecloth project from Martha Stewart.  Keep in mind that with many people working with tight budgets this year, consider organizing a Secret Santa swap to ease the pressure.

3.) Co-workers, veterinarian, mail-man {or woman}, plow guy, neighbors, etc. – These are the people that you want to thank for being in your life, but may not know exactly what to give them. Or maybe you don’t know them that well, so why not bake some cookies or treats, ’tis the season, after all.  Use little gift bags or favor boxes to wrap up your treats and make them extra sweet!  We just love this adorable DIY Sugar Cubes idea from Nifty Thrifty Things.

I know it’s late to be sharing this now, but hey, at least we’re ready to get organized for next year!  And for those of you who are happily finished with shopping and ready to wrap, check out our beautiful selection of Gift Wrapping essentials:

❄︎ Crepe Paper
❄︎ Favor Tags
❄︎ Adornments
❄︎ Gift & Favor Bags
❄︎ Gift & Favor Boxes

Written by Kate Milliken & Maia Bissette
Photographed by Kate Milliken, Retouched by Maia Bissette

DIY Ideas for Hanukkah: Beautiful Perfume Bottle Menorahs

Posted by on 12/04/2014

With Hanukkah starting December 16th, we thought it an appropriate time to revisit the Perfume Bottle Menorah’s we put together last year.  The Hanukkah Menorah is an ancient Jewish tradition and ceremonial art that usually involves a nine branched candelabrum lit throughout the eight days of Hanukkah.  Each night of the Hanukkah celebration a new candle is lit using the candle from the ninth branch, known as the shamash, or “helper” candle, which may also be used as an extra light.  It is kosher for the shamash to be offset on a higher or lower plain than the eight main candles.

Clear DIY Perfume Bottle Menorah

Using our lovely, vintage inspired, hand-cut perfume bottles, we put together these two variations of the popular DIY Bottle Menorahs by mixing & matching sizes and styles from our beautiful collection.

Upon reviewing the tradition with observers among the LB Team, we discovered that opinions vary as to whether or not the 8 main candles should be arranged in a straight line or a curve.  Our stylist, Kate, thought it wise to try both.  As you can see, the results are stunning!

Sapphire Blue DIY Perfume Bottle Menorah

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes and carefully colored in essential jewel tones, it goes without saying these hand crafted perfume bottles are a great way to design your own bottle Menorah.  Considering how versatile these vessels really are, they would make beautiful gifts for your loved ones, as well…

Especially considering that for a limited time you can save 20% on these lovelies at Luna Bazaar!  Use Coupon Code: BOTTLES20 at checkout. {This promotion is no longer active, however, some of our bottles have been permanently discounted, come & check out their new lower prices!}


Please share your designs with us!  Simply #lunabazaardecor on the social media network of your choice, and we will share our favorites across our channels.
~ Happy Holidays & LOTS OF LOVE from the LB Team ~