Home Decor for A Healthier Lifestyle

Posted by on 07/10/2015

There is little more rewarding than cultivating the time and space for creativity and intellectual reflection. In the hustle and bustle of our technologically driven culture, I often find myself yearning for experiences beyond the glow of my various screens. In exploring avenues of home decoration that will support and ignite this healthier lifestyle, it is important to identify what inspires you. Whether you’re looking for bedroom decorating ideas, or simply seeking how to decorate an apartment in general, a good rule of thumb is to clear up the clutter and accent your space with a few choice pieces. Take some time to shop around and find accents that work together to peak your imagination. This often includes plants, terrariums, fresh flowers in stunning vases; unique, comfortable furniture, choice accent throw pillows and inspiring wall decor.

Woman practicing yoga in front of a Large New York City Skyline Scenic Tapestry.

Find your balance and practice yoga with our New York City Large Scenic Skyline Tapestry.

Looking out across a beautiful view or contemplating the glory of a given horizon can immediately instill that sense of awe and wonder that sparks our creative drive to dream. Yet for many of us, we are challenged by the limitations of our locations. Luckily, Luna Bazaar offers a selection of scenic places – hanging wall decor perfect for small spaces like studios and dorm rooms. Our collection of wonderfully oversized Scenic Wall Tapestries will sweep you away to your favorite far-flung destinations, giving you a breathtaking view where you may not otherwise have one.

A young man and his dog listening to Vinyl on a vintage record play with a back drop of a Large Venice Italy Scenic Tapestry.

Listen to vinyl with your favorite furry friends beneath our Venice Italy Large Scenic Tapestry. Additional featured decor: Ikat Throw Pillows, Hand Made Blankets & Throws.

Let’s not forget the children! With a high thread count, 100% fine Indian cotton that is super soft to the touch, stunning image quality and 2-inch rod pockets on the top and bottom for use with curtain rods – these scenic tapestries are wonderful in nurseries and playrooms.

Two brothers enjoying some ice cream and imagining a day in the life of the Large Scenic Redwoods Tapestry they are sitting, facing and pointing at.

Looking for ideas to decorate your kid’s playroom? Our Redwoods Large Scenic Forest Tapestry is sure to inspire!

Personally, I relish those rare moments when I can sit back with a book, get a good play session in with my cat, or stow myself away in the studio; brush to paper, dipping inks and dabbling watercolors in the early morning light.

Young woman daydreaming, eating breakfast and reading the New York Times with a premium wall decor Teahupoo Large Scenic Wave Tapestry.

Breakfast is the perfect time to daydream… especially in the company of our Teahupo’o Large Scenic Wave Tapestry, sipping from a {U.S.A. Made} Compostable Paper Straw.

My advice? Create a space that nurtures your inner sense of harmony.  Then share with us the ways you prefer to unwind, and what kind of home decorations might take you there.
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