Tangled Up in Blue

Posted by on 02/26/2016


From turquoise to indigo, blue is one of those colors everyone loves and that – from our perspective – everyone needs. It deepens the mood of a room, creates an anchor color that’s less severe than black, and is neutral – it goes with pretty much any other color.

From rich, vibrant fuchsias and oranges to muted earth tones, blue is the great harmonizer – the ultimate power color. We are (clearly) obsessed with it. Time to get in the mood for blue… whether it’s just a few pillows or an entire installation!

Feeling Blue?

The Art of Cozy

Posted by on 02/19/2016


It’s one thing to see a space that begs for books, conversations, popcorn and movies… we all need that room in our homes. But it’s another to know that the beautiful things that surround you are sourced ethically, are non-toxic and that were made lovingly – not by a machine – but by an artisan who cared enough to make the very last stitch just right.

Our handmade traditional Indian wood-block print textiles are made with environmentally friendly vegetable dyes and then sun dried to ensure perfectly soft, cuddle-friendly cotton.

It feels good… to buy the kinds of products… that make us feel so good, in every way!

Mix & match with world-class style.

Cozy is A Verb

Posted by on 02/11/2016


It can be hard to put your finger on the recipe for cozy – because it not only looks inviting, it feels like coming “home” whether it’s your own home or not. The art of cozying up a space is indeed just that – a skill that some people do well, while others struggle.

How to make something as soft as it is beautiful, as warm as it is refined, as unplanned and unpretentious as it is thoughtful and designy? Lighting is key. Layering matters. Color, of course, is important.

But texture trumps all of it. Blankets and throws are the quickest road to happy when it comes to nestling into a space. Explore our softer side here and cue the kindling and music.

It's time to warm up and cozy-down!

Packaging. It Matters.

Posted by on 02/05/2016


We spend so much time searching, agonizing (or panicking) over gifts. When it comes to holidays like Valentine’s Day, there’s so much anxiety over what to do. Are flowers enough? Is gold enough? Is a note enough? Here’s the answer (for anyone still wondering.)

Anything is enough…as long as you do it with style and thoughtfulness. We love the idea of a teeny, tiny love note in one of our Handmade Paper Gift boxes, or the business card of a special restaurant tucked into a Mercury Glass Trinket Box. That element of surprise – the thrill of what we didn’t expect hiding inside some type of beautiful package – is the very essence of love!

We all just want to know someone thought of something… just for us. The fun is in the presentation, from crafty Crepe Paper gift wrapping ideas to the memorabilia of personal experience.

Start plotting here!