Outdoor Weddings

Posted by on 04/14/2016

Photo Credit: onelove photography

Weddings are the perfect opportunity for a couple to express their love, and to invite others to join them in celebration of their union.

Whether beachside, poolside, on a lake or in the forest, outdoor weddings inspire everyone to share joy in the infinite beauty of nature.

Yet there’s more to outdoor than the gorgeous surroundings. Outdoor venues offer an exquisite canvas to design and decorate with accents that brighten, add color and express unique personality.

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See how these couples made their special day amazing using parasols, paper lanterns, hanging glass and more.

Festival Fancy.

Posted by on 04/03/2016

Who doesn’t love a safari-inspired canvas tent, complete with cozy linens, draped in colorful tapestries and topped off with a worldly collection of throw pillows? You can make any campsite fabulous with the right decor, whether you’re rocking the teepee or an instant gazebo.

All of the upcoming summer festivals have us thinking about Glamping and how to create a traveling bohemian paradise – no matter which beach, desert, forest or field you find yourself in.

Luna Bazaar stylist Angelina Carrera channeled her Coachella experience to create this free-spirited Glampsite. Using a warm palette with pops of purples and blues, she mixed and matched across product lines to transform the space into a perfect spot to vibe with your tribe.

Here’s to high style in the rough!

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