Golden Hours Entertaining Ideas

Posted by on 05/30/2017


Is there anything quite as thrilling as the realization that weather patterns have shifted, and the day has become longer and lighter? Finally, the hours after work until bedtime mean outdoor entertaining and time with friends. We call this unique window the magic hour, when the sun fills the atmosphere with golden light, no matter where you live in the western hemisphere.

It begins at around 4 pm; the sun starts it’s beautiful shift, with about three hours left in the sky. We see this as Mother Nature’s invitation to step out and create a celebration, to nourish through social connection away from our screens – and to bask in the glow of a cherished season. If anyone knows about how to appreciate this light, it’s the creative team here at Luna Bazaar. Today we share a few suggestions on making the most of this precious communion with nature.

mercury glass vases and candle holders

Take mercury glass out of décor storage (or get yourself some from our stunning collection) and be sure to replenish candles & tea lights, so you aren’t caught empty handed at dusk. We always find ourselves besotted with our gold vessels of various sizes – and in this case, a cluster of them looks incredible sunlit and juxtaposed against driftwood or other natural elements.

Spring and Summer Patio Decor

Whether it’s just you and yours, or you’ve wrangled neighbors to stop by, be ready for spontaneous twilight festivities. You may not have time to do much décor set up when it comes to good weather, so keep your outdoor space clean and picked up from the last time (bye bye leftover wine corks and muddy rain boots!). People love the last minute invitation for a drink and nibble, so keep good cheeses, crackers, olives, veggies and an enticing spread or dip on hand – with plates and doilies that enhance their presentation.

A table runner, tapestry or throw pillow adds color and texture to outdoor gatherings. We love to layer our mandala tapestries with hand block printed and embroidered pillows. Make sure textiles are clean and folded in a nearby closet, with pillows readily on hand for distribution!

doilies vintage style tabletop decorations

Oh, and speaking of pillows, we love matching and stacking a variety from our collection if event chairs and seating are in short supply.


relax with decorative throw pillows

Luna contributor Leah Forester takes a moment with her daughter, a one-on-one catch up after school. You don’t always need a special occasion to spruce up the deck – life’s precious details are reason enough! Beautifying your dwellings and outdoor spaces means you’ll want to be there, more often, sharing moments with the people who matter most.


relax with decorative throw pillows

Setting The Table for Mom

Posted by on 05/11/2017


Regular readers know we love an eclectic table, and Mother’s Day is no different! For this occasion, however, you’ll notice our gravitation toward vintage pink, mercury glass, and rose quartz, some of the more feminine combinations in our design reservoir. We love combining the shiny and new with something aged with a patina because table design sets a mood and a standard, and our favorites are those that seem comforting and familiar, yet inspired and inventive. We sat down with Luna Creative Director Katie Flanagan to find out what she’ll be doing for Mother’s Day, and as the busy mother of a preschooler and first grader, her first reply was “Something easy!”

Here, she breaks down her strategy with the hopes that other busy moms (and mom appreciators) will take the pressure off – and get their design chops on!

Pink & Gold

“One of my favorite combinations in our collection is the rose gold decor mixed with gold mercury glass. You almost don’t have to do much else because these two make magic together. I love them because they bring out the best in each other, and you can incorporate candles without worrying about little ones tipping them over, which is essential in my family. The vintage style glassware has been a staff obsession this year, and a favorite of our customers, too! For Mother’s Day, I plan to lay some cherry blossom across the midsection of the table as my centerpiece, with fuschia colored luxe glass candle holders atop our bridal pink table runner.”

Hurricane Candle Holder Vase

Mercury Glass Centerpeices

Local Flora

“For vases, I use our hurricane lanterns for medium sized wild floral bouquets that I select at the farmer’s market. I might do three down the center of the table and one at the entrance. They’re a great size for anything from tulips to roses to wild greens. I even cut some forsythia and trimmed it down to fit into a hurricane lantern last year around this time. It was stunning!”

Lace Accents

“I used to think doilies were only for my grandmother’s house, but I see the total genius in them now. I place them under almost everything because they fill the table with a lace accent that feels like high tea or brunch in an old world hotel. Our Henrietta Cotton Lace Doilies are my favorite. Under a vintage green or milk glass vase, you achieve a very modern, yet antique look with a minimal effort. The greenery looks gorgeous with all of this – you clip it yourself or find it at a local florist.”

doilies vintage style tabletop decorations

Rest & Relax
“My last tip is not to stress, mamas. Today is your day to enjoy, not to work! So make it easy on yourself with some of my ideas here, and for the rest of the day, book a massage, read a book, hug your children and spend the day thinking of all the reasons you’re amazing. Because you are!”


relax with decorative throw pillows

Mother’s Day Gift Guide:

Home Decor for A Healthier Lifestyle

Posted by on 07/10/2015

There is little more rewarding than cultivating the time and space for creativity and intellectual reflection. In the hustle and bustle of our technologically driven culture, I often find myself yearning for experiences beyond the glow of my various screens. In exploring avenues of home decoration that will support and ignite this healthier lifestyle, it is important to identify what inspires you. Whether you’re looking for bedroom decorating ideas, or simply seeking how to decorate an apartment in general, a good rule of thumb is to clear up the clutter and accent your space with a few choice pieces. Take some time to shop around and find accents that work together to peak your imagination. This often includes plants, terrariums, fresh flowers in stunning vases; unique, comfortable furniture, choice accent throw pillows and inspiring wall decor.

Woman practicing yoga in front of a Large New York City Skyline Scenic Tapestry.

Find your balance and practice yoga with our New York City Large Scenic Skyline Tapestry.

Looking out across a beautiful view or contemplating the glory of a given horizon can immediately instill that sense of awe and wonder that sparks our creative drive to dream. Yet for many of us, we are challenged by the limitations of our locations. Luckily, Luna Bazaar offers a selection of scenic places – hanging wall decor perfect for small spaces like studios and dorm rooms. Our collection of wonderfully oversized Scenic Wall Tapestries will sweep you away to your favorite far-flung destinations, giving you a breathtaking view where you may not otherwise have one.

A young man and his dog listening to Vinyl on a vintage record play with a back drop of a Large Venice Italy Scenic Tapestry.

Listen to vinyl with your favorite furry friends beneath our Venice Italy Large Scenic Tapestry. Additional featured decor: Ikat Throw Pillows, Hand Made Blankets & Throws.

Let’s not forget the children! With a high thread count, 100% fine Indian cotton that is super soft to the touch, stunning image quality and 2-inch rod pockets on the top and bottom for use with curtain rods – these scenic tapestries are wonderful in nurseries and playrooms.

Two brothers enjoying some ice cream and imagining a day in the life of the Large Scenic Redwoods Tapestry they are sitting, facing and pointing at.

Looking for ideas to decorate your kid’s playroom? Our Redwoods Large Scenic Forest Tapestry is sure to inspire!

Personally, I relish those rare moments when I can sit back with a book, get a good play session in with my cat, or stow myself away in the studio; brush to paper, dipping inks and dabbling watercolors in the early morning light.

Young woman daydreaming, eating breakfast and reading the New York Times with a premium wall decor Teahupoo Large Scenic Wave Tapestry.

Breakfast is the perfect time to daydream… especially in the company of our Teahupo’o Large Scenic Wave Tapestry, sipping from a {U.S.A. Made} Compostable Paper Straw.

My advice? Create a space that nurtures your inner sense of harmony.  Then share with us the ways you prefer to unwind, and what kind of home decorations might take you there.
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☆ Host A Viewing Party!☆

Posted by on 01/09/2015

☆ Viewing Party! Golden Globe Awards ☆


☆ Viewing Party! Golden Globe Awards ☆ by lunabazaar featuring a variety of lovely home accents:
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Host a viewing party!
Unroll the Red Carpet at home by hosting a viewing party! A creative combination of glamorous accents, fabulous finger food & a cozy home theater will bring you & yours together for the first, best night of awards season!