The LED Alternative to Candle Light: Here to Stay.

Posted by on 12/30/2011

Tired of candle light at the table?

I know that sometimes it isn’t feasible to have a lit candle at the table. It may be left unattended, or get knocked over by little ones.  We have found a few alternatives to allow you to celebrate fire-free, but keep the same ambiance.

Add LED lights and make your centerpieces glow!

We have several LED light options to help you do this.  I found this centerpiece of silk flowers done by Linda Sawyer to be a great example of something to jazz up the table flame-free.  We have similar LED Garlands available that are battery powered.  Therefore if you use one of these strands, all you have to do is hide the battery pack. Linda commented on her photo that “you could use real hydrangeas if you make sure the battery pack is hidden in the flowers and ABOVE the waterline. You can also put the hydrangea stems in their own water vials before building the centerpiece.” I am very happy to find her posts on FLICKR.

LED Garlands from Luna Bazaar


Another item that you could use instead of the LED Garlands would be our LED Accent Lights in White, Blue, or Amber.  I find these fun and fantastic. The lights are attached to a copper wire that is very thin. You can find ways to position it so the wire is virtually invisible. The lights themselves are really tiny, but the glow is intense!
The white LED accent light is my favorite. The glow that comes off of these is cool in tone and they are definitely eye catching!  Last year at Halloween, New England was hit by a fluke storm that shut down A LOT of power, (including mine for an entire week!)  So, not to be detoured by lack of electricity, I hung these and the Blue LED Accent Lights from our front door to attract trick-or-treaters.  They looked amazing!  They are battery powered just like the LED Garlands and also have a battery pack at one end of them.  So, if you want to decorate with any of these strings, you have to find a creative way to hide the battery pack, which, depending on the garland, might be the size of a small card deck.  Here are the Amber LED accent lights shown in our small etched glass fluted hurricane candle holder.

The small battery pack for these LED accent lights
is easily concealed inside our fluted hurricane candle holder.

You can see the battery pack is hidden in the bottom of the vase and is hardly noticeable.  The copper wire of these lights allows them to be wrapped around or in anything. I have also added floral arrangements on top of the LED accent lights.  These lights are not waterproof so I usually stick to dried floral arrangements.  LED lights never get hot at all so that won’t be a fire hazard, (since the whole point of this blog is to provide you with alternatives to fire on your table).  So, put away your fire extinguisher and get out your batteries for a flameless table topper accessory with Luna Bazaar’s help.

Decorate and Celebrate!

– Bethany.

Paper Lanterns With Lights – The Options, and Then Some.

Posted by on 09/30/2011

If you’ve been searching for paper lanterns for your wedding or big event, you know that there is no shortage of options. In this post I will shed some “light” on the matter. Hopefully, when you finish reading this post, you will know a lot more about paper lanterns with lights than you did when you started.
If you’ve been looking at paper lanterns like these:

Premium Paper Lanterns from Luna Bazaar

you probably know that they do not come supplied with lights. You need to buy some electrical cords with light sockets, or some battery-operated LED lights. You can buy both your paper lanterns and cords and LEDs at Luna Bazaar. The battery-operated LEDs have their own tiny light bulbs and a battery is supplied. The electrical cords do not come with light bulbs, so you need to buy them at any hardware store, grocery store, or anywhere regular light bulbs are sold. There is no need to get vanity bulbs, unless you particularly like the way they look.

But there are other types of paper lanterns with lights – string lights. They are small paper lanterns strung on a string of lights. The string of lights is the kind you would use to decorate your home for the holidays. Luna Bazaar has a wide variety of string lights in our collection. The standard paper ones are 4 inches in diameter.

Paper Lanterns with Lights already in place – string lights.

In addition to those, we have printed paper lantern string lights, and nylon string lights. The printed string lights come in beautiful designs – the Dahlia, Peony, and Cherry Blossom designs. The nylon string lights are shinier and more durable than the paper lantern string lights.

Nylon Lantern String Lights from Luna Bazaar

Go to our collection of Unique String Lights for a few surprises. Our string lights take on the shapes of roses, cylinders, stars, spheres, and pagodas, to name a few.

A variety of String Lights from Luna Bazaar:
Metal Lantern, Disco Ball,
Nylon Cherry Blossom, and White Rose.

We always encourage our customers to express themselves, and give their imaginations a good work-out. Do some exploring at Luna Bazaar and find out how creative you can be.

How to Make Chinese Lanterns Stretch Your Budget

Posted by on 09/29/2011

Photo: Tickled Pink Brides

Chinese Lanterns are one of the most economical ways to dress up a space and create a party atmosphere. Even if you don’t use a lot of them, the presence of a few lanterns spread around the room says, “There’s a party going on here!”

How economical are Chinese Lanterns? Let’s suppose you have a decorating budget of $1,000 and the space you want to decorate measures 75 by 60 feet, which is a typical space for about 200 hundred people. Just how much party pizazz you can create?

Starting with a minimal decoration scheme, we’ll plan to hang Chinese lanterns on light cords around the perimeter of the tent or room. Luna Bazaar’s No Frills lanterns are the least expensive way to go. Luna Bazaar also offers Premium Lanterns, which come in more colors, and have other nice features, but to pare down the price we’ll pick No Frills.

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Luna Bazaar’s No Frills Paper Lanterns are a great buy.

No Frills paper lanterns are available in White, Pink, Red, Fuschia, Chartreuse, Turquoise, Chocolate Brown, Mango Orange, Yellow and Grass Green. You can get 6″ lanterns at Luna Bazaar for 80 cents. The largest size No Frills lanterns are 20″ across and sell for $3.50 each. A good size to use for our project is the 10-inch lantern. It’s big enough to add to the proceedings, yet it only costs $1.10.

How to make Chinese lanterns glow? You need lights! The most convenient solution is to get cords with sockets for light bulbs. In our example, 2 thirty-foot cords would be needed to cover each end of the room. The 75-ft. sides require a 30-ft and a 45-ft cord to cover them.

Convenient cords with light bulb sockets

This is our most expensive item in our example. The 30-ft. cords cost $27.95 each, and the 45-ft cords are $39.95 each.

We need 100 lanterns (20 on each end wall, 30 on each side). So 100 times the No Frills 10-inch lantern price of $1.10 is $110. You can minimize this cost without losing the party feel by alternating lantern-light bulb-lantern. Then you only need 50 lanterns for $55.

How to make Chinese lanterns glow? You need lights! Although the picture above shows special vanity bulbs which are more expensive, you can use regular incandescent light bulbs. Let’s add $1 per bulb for a total of $50. So our total for decorating the perimeter of the whole tent or room is $352.60 using the numbers below:

50 lanterns – $55
50 bulbs – $50
6  30-ft cords – $167.70
2 45-ft cords – $79.90

You could stop right now, perfectly content with the way your space will be lit up, and pocket the remaining money. But for a little more you can give your room real pizazz by hanging large Premium Lanterns from the ceiling, down the middle of the room.

A 24″ Premium Paper Lantern has a big of impact!

The 10-inch lanterns we used around the perimeter will look too small hanging from the ceiling. The 24-inch Premium Lantern is a better fit. You can fit 6 lanterns this size in a 75-ft long room with a space of 4 – 8ft. between them. These lanterns are $11.95 each, so we’re adding  6 times 11.95 = $71.70 to the cost.

How to make Chinese lanterns glow when they’re hanging from the ceiling? You need battery-operated LED lights! You can hang one triple-light LED light in each of the large lanterns. That way you needn’t be bothered searching for outlets and extension cords that will reach the ceiling. You are free to hang these lanterns wherever you please. At $4.95 each, this adds $29.70 to the tab.

Putting all the pieces together, we have…

  • 50 small lanterns – $55
  • 50 bulbs – $50
  • 6  30-ft cords – $167.70
  • 2 45-ft cords – $79.90
  • 6 large lanterns – $71.70
  • 6 triple LEDs – $29.70

…for a total of $454. We didn’t even reach the half-way mark.Now that you know how to make Chinese lanterns provide the celebratory setting you require, you can save time by saving this post and using it as your shopping list at Luna Bazaar. Happy Decorating!

Lighting Paper Lanterns – The Quick Guide

Posted by on 09/26/2011

What are your choices for lighting paper lanterns?
The VERY short answer is: bulbs on a cord, or an LED light for each lantern.

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As you’re shopping around for paper lanterns, you need to know that lanterns do not come with lights already in them. You must buy your own lights separately.

The only exception to this is string lights, which are small lanterns (about 4 inches) that you buy in a set. When you take them out of the box, they are already attached to a string of lights, similar to traditional Christmas lights.

Fuschia String Lights – from our String Light Collection

If you buy light cords for lighting paper lanterns you  must also buy light bulbs. Keep this in mind when you do price comparisons.


Lighting Paper Lanterns
What are the differences between lighting with cords and lighting with LEDs?

Let’s compare the two approaches using a 30-foot long wall as an example.

  • Lighting Paper Lanterns with the cord: You can buy a 30-foot cord with 15 bulbs on it for $24.95 on the Luna Bazaar web site. (Note: If you buy a dozen of more you will get a discount.) Add to that the cost of light bulbs. You can use ordinary incandescent bulbs that you would use anywhere in your home. The cost of a light bulb can vary a lot, as you can certainly find a deal by buying them in bulk.  If the cost is between 50 cents and a dollar, our cost will average 75 cents. You will spend $11.25 on light bulbs. In total you will be covering 30 feet for approximately $36.20.
  • Lighting Paper Lanterns with LEDs: There is no cord, so you will need some fishing line. A spool of strong fishing line that is 330 yard long costs $6.99 or less. You can also buy it at most hardware stores, or sporting goods stores.The LED lights themselves cost $3.50 each, but they are discounted to $2.95 if you buy more than 12. The cost to span a 30-foot wall at $2.95 each would be $44.25. With the fishing line the total cost is $51.24

At $36.20 for lights on a cord, and $51.24 for LEDs, light on a cord win the price comparison.


  • Lighting Paper Lanterns by cord: This works best if you want to hang a string of lanterns in a straight line – that is, along a pole, or across the top of a wall. With a cord, you can’t place the paper lanterns at different distances from each other. Remember, you must be within reach of an electrical outlet.
  • Lighting Paper Lanterns by LED: You don’t need an electrical outlet, and you can place the lanterns wherever you like – they don’t have to be a set distance apart from each other. Batteries that last 15+ hours come with the LED lights. You do have to go around and turn them all on before the event.

Conclusion: It depends on your personal preference.

Lighting Paper Lanterns – Not Necessarily Either Or

You don’t have to choose between bulbs on cords and LEDs. Most brides use a combination of the two depending on the positioning of the paper lanterns in the tent or reception room. For example, in a tent, use light cords around the perimeter of the tent, and battery-powered LED lights in the center.

I hope this quick guide about lighting paper lanterns has been helpful. For more details see this earlier Luna Bazaar post. Or see our main page for lighting. Good luck decorating!