The Mystique of Mercury Glass

Posted by on 12/17/2012

Mercury Glass objects are riddled with gorgeous imperfections that interact with light and dazzle the eye with a unique radiance.   From the original pieces of the antique era to the affordable modern reproductions we are familiar with today, we are captivated by the beautiful inconsistencies that emanate from the surface of each piece.

Luna Bazaar offers a variety of gorgeous Mercury Glass Vases in both Silver and Gold.  Photo by Luna Bazaar.
 width=‘s elegant use of a Silver Mercury Glass Vase.

Mercury Glass goblets, vases and candlesticks were first produced in the forests of Bohemia circa 1840, around the area now known as the Czech Republic. 

The silvered glass sensation quickly moved west and became very popular as it’s production increased in Bohemia, England and the U.S. during the 19th Century. 

Many antique historians agree that the glassware produced during this period represents the exploration and development of the first glass art form.

 Centerpiece via Project Wedding.  Photo by

  The shimmering ornamental ware was originally manufactured by hand.  The glass was blown with double walls and then sealed after coating the enclosed surface of the inner wall with a metallic layer (which, contrary to popular belief, never contained mercury).  

The  pontil, or the opening at the bottom which allowed access to the the inside of the double wall, was sealed with wax or a cork to prevent air from degrading the painted surface.

Over time many antique pieces with damaged pontils were admired and regarded for their antiqued look.  Luna Bazaar has adapted this appearance, recognizing the the reflective quality of the finish enhances the natural brilliance of candlelight.

Architecture- Inspired Austin Wedding.  Photograph by

Pictured above we see the Silver Mercury Glass Vase Bubble Design looking lovely in a gorgeous centerpiece arrangement by Petal Pushers.  Photo courtesy of

Silver and Gold Christmas tree featuring ornaments from Luna Bazaar.  Photo and design by Alesya Opelt of Alesya Bags.

The aesthetic of Mercury Glass adds a classical elegance to any occasion, and is particularly well suited for the winter holidays.  Luna Bazaar has been careful in the selection and expansion of inventory to establish a timeless modern appeal encouraged by vintage-inspired designs.  Such attention to detail is essential for those looking to develop a unique personal vision while designing weddings, production, events and interior décor.


Photo courtesy of Petalena.

Mercury glass can be combined with flora, paper lanterns, tissue paper decorations, pom poms and other styles of glassware when creating exclusive looks for centerpieces, tablescapes and mantles. 

Pictured left we see a Dreamy Candlelight Spring Wedding designed by  Petalena.  This soft, shimmery Table-scape features some signature Luna Bazaar pieces; including (from left to right) the Gold Mercury Glass Tealight Holder (verticle motif),
the Ice Blue Embossed Glass Candle Holder & Vase (fleur de lis), and the Gold Mercury Glass Votive Candle Holder (liquid motif).  

Photo by

As seen here, gold and blue makes a unique and fabulous pair.  Below we see another unique styling created by  

The overall look covers a variety of affordable decorative options;  combining silver mercury glass candle holders and vases with fuchsia and purple glass bottles.  Above they have hung white and lilac paper lanterns in sequence with some ivory tissue paper pompoms. 


No matter what your occasion or application, the Mystique of Mercury Glass is sure to leave a shining impression on your guests, family and friends.  Make the most of your winter and let the season shimmer with the warmth of gold, silver and colored Mercury Glass available at here at Luna Bazaar. ~

Take a look at this inspirational Winter Holiday Soiree via Snippet & Ink.  Photos by Katie at Open Air Photography. You can find similar Mercury Glass Vases, Candle Holders and Ornaments here at Luna Bazaar.

Rustic Themes with Vintage Inspiration

Posted by on 10/15/2012

~Sales Team member Maia Bissette investigates ways to make the most of your Rustic Themed Event by incorporating Vintage Inspired elements that




Here we see our lovely Paper Paddle Fans presented with their guest book during Jessica & Alex’s Homestead Vintage Style Wedding and featured on Rustic Wedding Chic.  Photos by Freshly Wed.

Luna Bazaar offers an extensive variety of decorations
that pair well in rustic styled weddings and events.
From paper lanterns, parasols and hand fans to ornaments, we have what you need to fill in and compliment the treasures you are building your theme around.  Whether you are planning a grand event or an intimate get together, little accents like vases and hand fans create fun and interesting atmospheres to share with your friends and family.

Shabby Chic tablescapes work for many celebrations, like this Southern Christmas featured on The Decorista.
The Turquoise Square Antique Medicine Bottle may be hard to find, but here on Luna Bazaar you can
find affordable alternatives.


This gorgeous rustic seaside wedding uses Mercury Glass Votives and Vintage Bottles for floral presentation and decor (see below for detail).  Featured on LuxeFinds. Photo by John Schnack Photography.
Photo by John Schnack Photography

Rustic locations encourage the mind to explore the history of an area.  Designers can expand on the natural beauty of a setting by incorporating vintage inspired glassware with flora, furniture, fabrics and paper decorations


 width=The most interesting aspect of working within such a vague and whimsical idea is that it allows the details of an event to evolve organically, and really speak to the unique aspects of the people and place being celebrated.  No matter where you are planning on holding your event, the tradition and culture of the area can be captured and magnified with decorations and props.  

The variety of objects one can use to best describe the personality of an event can sometimes feel overwhelming.  A good way to approach your decor is to choose the main elements of the event that are a must, then build around them.  What is so great about the rustic, shabby-chic vintage approach is that there are so many fun factors to work with in order to communicate what personally moves you.

Americana intermixed with Asian influence is elegant, fun and ever-so vintage inspired.  Items like our bamboo Paper Parasols look lovely in photographs and also protect you and your guests from UV rays while providing a fun and affordable gift to remember you by!  As seen here in this lovely photo by Jessica Kettle via Trend Setting Wedding.

These sweet little flower girls are enjoying their Paper Parasols during this laid back Rustic Wedding in California.  Photo by Michelle Pattee via Snippet & Ink.
Photo by Maia Bissette

Whether you’re down on the farm, on the family estate, overlooking the ocean or in your own back yard, our inventory offers a wide selection of elegant solutions and design inspiration to guide you through developing your dream party.  With our affordable accents you can focus on your DIY projects and capture the vintage inspired rustic theme you are going for.

The more you explore Luna Bazaar’s site, the more you realize each line of product has been carefully expanded to exemplify modern trends while still honoring the timeless beauty of vintage classics.
For each favored shape you will find a variety of colors to choose from, and there is plenty of room and inventory to mix and match in order to accommodate your unique vision.  Our talented team of Sales Representatives are here to help guide you through and aid in color matches, product measurements and shipping options.

If you’re looking to lavish your rustic event with vintage inspired affordable decor, look no further!  Luna Bazaar is here to help you romanticize any location with precious nostalgia and domestic glamor.

Photo by Maia Bissette


Trendspotting at the New York Wedding Salon Show

Posted by on 04/26/2012

This week saw the New York Wedding Salon Show at the Metropolitan Pavillion in the famous Manhattan gallery neighborhood of Chelsea. What caught my eye was this display from Pat Glenn Productions. Pat and Glenn are renowned for their spectacular event settings, from weddings to Bar Mitzvahs, and more.


Pat Glenn Productions at the New York Wedding Salon Show

This table setting is chock full of important trends! Let me point them out:

  • Color scheme: Green, multiple shades of purple, silver.
  • Overall Vintage look
  • Reflective surfaces
  • Depression Era Glass – the translucent green dinner plate would be right at home in a collection from the 1930’s!
  • Mercury Glass vases  holding small clusters of flowers – the Mercury Glass adds shine and mirrors the colors around it. The small bouquets distribute the flowers around the table, allowing each guest to enjoy them up close.
  • More Mercury Glass – candlestick holders, drinking cups, and centerpiece.
  • Vintage-inspired  colored glass – wine and water glasses with an antique look, embellished with etching.

At Luna Bazaar we pay close attention to trends. We are either setting the trend or making sure our product selection reflects current trends. Our savvy team is on top of this! You can find all of the above trends in our store at

Color Scheme
Fashion Forward Color Scheme: Assorted shades of purple: lilac, plum and Bellflower, with a green accent: Lamb’s Ear.

These colors are so pleasing together! Inspired by the Hyacinths, Hydrangeas, and Irises  in the bouquets, they work so well for Spring. This season our in-house color designer added Bellflower and Lanb’s Ear to our palette of product colors. Use our paper lanterns to carry out your color scheme around your reception space. Parasols and hand fans are available in the same colors for a very put-together look. All can be found in “Shop by Color” on our website. Find Find Bellflower here, and Lamb’s Ear here.

Mercury Glass Vases
Mercury Glass Vases for Small Clusters of Flowers

You really feel like you’re at a special occasion when the table shines with these bud vases brimming with colorful blooms. Measuring from 4 to 6 inches in height, these vases give you an idea of the variety of choices available from Luna Bazaar. All of our silver mercury glass vases are also available in gold mercury glass.

Mercury Glass Candlesticks



Sleek or ornate, as a centerpiece or scattered around the table, our Mercury Glass candlesticks add a touch of opulence. They range in size from 7 to 7 1/2 inches tall.

Depression Era Glass
To evoke a feeling of family tradition include Depression Era inspired glass.

One of the features that makes Pat and Glenn’s table setting so striking is that it is drenched in color. Picture it in your mind’s eye with clear crystal stemware. Not doubt it would still be lovely, but cooler and less celebratory. Of course, nothing looks more elegant than clear crystal, white linens, and a touch of gold or silver. But the colored wine and water glasses in their display not only looks festive and elegant, but I’m sure guests will be reminded of getting out the “special glasses” to celebrate family occasions in the past. Our glass tea light holders and vases based on popular Depression Glass designs are not suitable for food consumption, but will add the nostalgic touch that will make your table complete.

Decorate & Celebrate!
from Dorothy and the team at Luna Bazaar.

New Year's Party Pizzazz!

Posted by on 12/27/2011

Everyone wants to ring in the New Year in a special way. I know I want to! However, no one seems to have the time or the budget to dress up their home after Christmas.  I know I am not the only one that leaves their tree up and considers that decoration enough for the New Year. This year is different!  After finding these gold foil stars, I am determined to put them up to celebrate 2012.  They are fun, festive, and affordable.

Gold foil garlands that match the stars will add to the festivities. Both stars and garlands are collapsible and easy to hang up.  I am planning on putting these up with gusto before our New Year’s Eve party. As everyone sips some bubbly these foil decorations will help put them in the mood to welcome in the New Year.
  NEW YEAR’S DAY DINNER?                                                 
Not everyone celebrates New Year’s Day. Given that New Year’s Eve is one of the most popular days of the year for having a party, few people throw one the day after. However, there are some people that do, like me.

A few years back I started making a special dinner to celebrate the first day of the year. A traditional meal for this holiday is ham, black eyed peas, and cabbage.  Each element of the meal represents good tidings for the New Year.  I’m game for anything that may bring me good luck!

Why are the foods in this meal considered to be good luck? Cabbage represents “green” money. It is said that black-eyed peas were the only crop left in the South after the North burned the fields during the Civil War. One explanation for ham being good luck is that pigs root in the dirt in a forward direction. Other animals push the dirt behind them. So eat some ham for a forward-looking attitude in the new year!
This year I am planning on sharing this meal with friends.  As a result I have been planning and imagining my tablescape.  Mercury glass has been a hot trend lately for home décor. Luna Bazaar has some great pieces of mercury glass votives at low prices.  The best thing, (and my favorite part), is that these votives look expensive.  There are also a lot of other votives available from Luna Bazaar that you can mix in with the mercury glass for fun.  You can pair in your favorite color or one for luck for this special day.  I think everyone could use a bit more luck, don’t you?
Mercury Glass Collection from Luna Bazaar
Silver and Gold Votives, Vases and Candlesticks.

Happy New Year, and Happy Decorating!

– Bethany