Rustic Themes with Vintage Inspiration

Posted by on 10/15/2012

~Sales Team member Maia Bissette investigates ways to make the most of your Rustic Themed Event by incorporating Vintage Inspired elements that




Here we see our lovely Paper Paddle Fans presented with their guest book during Jessica & Alex’s Homestead Vintage Style Wedding and featured on Rustic Wedding Chic.  Photos by Freshly Wed.

Luna Bazaar offers an extensive variety of decorations
that pair well in rustic styled weddings and events.
From paper lanterns, parasols and hand fans to ornaments, we have what you need to fill in and compliment the treasures you are building your theme around.  Whether you are planning a grand event or an intimate get together, little accents like vases and hand fans create fun and interesting atmospheres to share with your friends and family.

Shabby Chic tablescapes work for many celebrations, like this Southern Christmas featured on The Decorista.
The Turquoise Square Antique Medicine Bottle may be hard to find, but here on Luna Bazaar you can
find affordable alternatives.


This gorgeous rustic seaside wedding uses Mercury Glass Votives and Vintage Bottles for floral presentation and decor (see below for detail).  Featured on LuxeFinds. Photo by John Schnack Photography.
Photo by John Schnack Photography

Rustic locations encourage the mind to explore the history of an area.  Designers can expand on the natural beauty of a setting by incorporating vintage inspired glassware with flora, furniture, fabrics and paper decorations


 width=The most interesting aspect of working within such a vague and whimsical idea is that it allows the details of an event to evolve organically, and really speak to the unique aspects of the people and place being celebrated.  No matter where you are planning on holding your event, the tradition and culture of the area can be captured and magnified with decorations and props.  

The variety of objects one can use to best describe the personality of an event can sometimes feel overwhelming.  A good way to approach your decor is to choose the main elements of the event that are a must, then build around them.  What is so great about the rustic, shabby-chic vintage approach is that there are so many fun factors to work with in order to communicate what personally moves you.

Americana intermixed with Asian influence is elegant, fun and ever-so vintage inspired.  Items like our bamboo Paper Parasols look lovely in photographs and also protect you and your guests from UV rays while providing a fun and affordable gift to remember you by!  As seen here in this lovely photo by Jessica Kettle via Trend Setting Wedding.

These sweet little flower girls are enjoying their Paper Parasols during this laid back Rustic Wedding in California.  Photo by Michelle Pattee via Snippet & Ink.
Photo by Maia Bissette

Whether you’re down on the farm, on the family estate, overlooking the ocean or in your own back yard, our inventory offers a wide selection of elegant solutions and design inspiration to guide you through developing your dream party.  With our affordable accents you can focus on your DIY projects and capture the vintage inspired rustic theme you are going for.

The more you explore Luna Bazaar’s site, the more you realize each line of product has been carefully expanded to exemplify modern trends while still honoring the timeless beauty of vintage classics.
For each favored shape you will find a variety of colors to choose from, and there is plenty of room and inventory to mix and match in order to accommodate your unique vision.  Our talented team of Sales Representatives are here to help guide you through and aid in color matches, product measurements and shipping options.

If you’re looking to lavish your rustic event with vintage inspired affordable decor, look no further!  Luna Bazaar is here to help you romanticize any location with precious nostalgia and domestic glamor.

Photo by Maia Bissette


Bring in the Spring and Banish Winter with Bright Parasols!

Posted by on 01/12/2012


I walked outside this morning and I was hit with the icy realization that winter has arrived! The change of season is here in full force. It may be bone chilling outside, but why not invite Spring in a bit early at your next party? Paper parasols in red and yellow send an unmistakable message of “Spring”!


I found inspiring Spring wake-up colors at Hostess With the Mostest. Her “Sunshine & Love Bridal Shower” party colors melt the winter freeze. I won’t begin to try to describe all of the DIY ideas in Jennifer Sbranti’s post – it is too choc full! You must see for yourself at Hostess With the Mostest. I’m just going to tell you about the parasol centerpiece she cleverly put together.

I had gotten a
request from one of our customers for an example of a parasol centerpiece and I
immediately fell in love with what Hostess with the Mostess did for this photo

Two vases glued together make a perfect base for this parasol centerpiece!



A 28″ paper parasol has the perfect handle size for holding the parasol overhead at indoor or outdoor weddings. However, it is not long enough to work as a table centerpiece. To get around this dilemma, Jennifer glued 2 vases together, one right-side-up, the other upside-down, and wrapped decorative paper around the middle.

Vase Gems can be purchased at most crafts stores.

To keep the parasol and vase from tipping over, our Hostess drops vase gems into the top vase.



The Spring color theme is continued above the table by hanging paper lanterns. Jennifer uses red and yellow lanterns with parallel ribbing, and a white eyelet lace lantern.

You can check out these colors at the Luna Bazaar store. No need to limit yourself – we have more than 60 exclusive designer colors!

A Spring Palette: basic red, orange, and yellow…
Plus our exclusive Luna Bazaar designer colors!
Begonia and Lemonade.
Eyelet paper lanterns are available in a variety of styles and colors.

So until Spring returns again, get a few of our paper parasols and lanterns in bright yellows and reds to liven things up! Set up your table and gather your friends together to
have dinner and drinks and forget the cold!

– Bethany

Luna Bazaar – A Party Store Like No Other!

Posted by on 09/27/2011

If you’re looking for wedding and event decorations you’ve come to the right place. First, Luna Bazaar is known for its large selection of paper lanterns in the latest, fashion colors that can’t be found elsewhere. But, in addition to paper lanterns, you will find an unusual and eclectic array of party decorations from the far corners of the world, such as Thailand, Bali, India, China, and Mexico. In our online store you will find:

  • Paper Parasols
  • Paper Hand Fans
  • Hanging Stars and Banners
  • Candle Holders
  • Flower Vases
  • Party Favors
  • Place Card Holders

You can purchase our products online at Our headquarters are located in the small town of Brattleboro, VT. Adam Gebb, the founder of our company, has traveled the world, fascinated by its diverse cultures and natural wonders. In Bali he began collecting antique textiles, and brought them back to the U.S. to sell.

In his travels Adam saw more and more products that intrigued him. He began importing Bhudda statues, beaded purses, carved figurines, sand animals, and woven baskets. Today Luna Bazaar concentrates on wedding and event decorations, and home decor.

What sets us apart from the typical party store is our commitment to preserving the environment and to the survival of world cultures that are in danger of disappearing.

Whenever possible we use sustainably harvested and renewable resources.  Most of our paper lanterns are made of bamboo and rice paper. Our paper parasols, also made of bamboo and rice paper, do not have any metal parts. More than 80% of our packaging materials are reused or recycled.

To support the fledgling businesses of women in remote Jaipur, India, we purchase their hand-dyed, block-print pillow covers. Skilled Ikat weavers of Bali also benefit from our orders for party favor clutches and pillow covers.

Luna Bazaar is like an old-world bazaar filled with goods from far and wide. We are a party store like no other! Browse around our online store, and see what catches your fancy.

Wedding Decorations – A Survey, Inspired by Autumn Colors

Posted by on 09/23/2011

You’re searching for Wedding Decorations and today is the first day of Autumn. Let me show you a selection of wedding decorations from our collection in an assortment of colors inspired by the season.

Autumn Hues from Luna Bazaar

Everyone who knows Luna Bazaar, knows that we have a huge selection of paper lanterns. We’ve always had the colors people think of as Autumn colors, that is, Red, Yellow, Orange. But we also have fashion colors you won’t find anywhere else because they’re custom-designed by our own in-house color
expert. To begin your selection of wedding decorations choose paper lanterns in our exclusive colors: Tea, Mango, Cinnamon, and Boysenberry. Tea is a darker, more subtle shade of yellow. Mango is a richer, intense orange, while Cinnamon is a warm, red-brown. Boysenberry adds a royal touch of purple to dark red.

Continue exploring wedding decorations that match the colors of the paper lanterns. Paper parasols add so much flair to a wedding. On the popularity scale of wedding decorations, parasols keep moving up. Our paper parasols are as small as 12 inches across, which is a perfect size for little wedding attendees. Keep this in mind, as it is often a challenge to find wedding decorations that make children feel included.

You may not think of paper fans held in the hand as wedding decorations, but the overall look of your wedding will be enhanced if your guests have colorful folding fans in their hands. You will find a wide selection of hand fans in the autumn color palette.

Moving on to wedding decorations for the table, let’s look at centerpieces. If you do not want to foot the bill for elaborate floral centerpieces on each table, Hurricane Candle Lanterns are a very popular alternative that are a lot less costly. For an autumn setting the best option would be to use Silver and Black as neutral colors. A novel idea is to replace the centerpiece altogether with Vintage Glass Bottles. You only need a few or even one flower in each to complete the look of your table.

Good luck in selecting your wedding decorations and enjoy the season!