Festival-Going In Style

Posted by Amy Swift Crosby on Jul 4, 2017 1:54:25 PM
Festival Essentials Pillow and Tapestries

Whether you’re a Burner or on your way to Summerfest, a Jazz aficionado or Newport Folk Festival fan, upcoming festivals represent a pinnacle of outdoor venues, with a variety of conditions and terrains. Between sand and grass, the challenge is how to sit between your danceathons so you can listen to music comfortably, hang with friends and enjoy the scene – with anticipated protection from the elements.

Even if you aren’t attending one of the top listed annual festivals, you’ll likely find yourself in similar situations during local events – at a town fair, Fourth of July celebration or any outdoor gathering with notable entertainment on the horizon. Luna contributors and Burning Man/Coachella veterans Leah Forrester and Angelina Carrera can be seen here with all the right accessories, using their usual California beach hangouts as their pre-festival warm-up. Here’s how we recommend you pack – and build – your Luna camp!

bohemian mandala beach blanket festival style

BYOT: Bring Your Own Tapestry

They provide shield and shade, quickly dry if they get wet; add padding, perimeter, and dimension to any sitting space, anywhere, and bring décor galore to the outdoors. Tapestries are the MVP of festival going! You will likely use them for everything. Between spreading them out to form an official “camp” area, to using one in the evening wrapped around your shoulders, or draping a small tent to block the sun, tapestries should be considered essential packing – you can’t have too many. Textiles and block prints are in our roots here at Luna Bazaar, so we relish layering pattern on pattern, and color on color, as a way to immediately invite people into the eclectic mix.

Tapestries offer a throwback to the sixties, with a bohemian casualness that festivals themselves embody. And the best part about tapestries? Spills and stains don't stand out amidst their vibrant patterns. And we all know festivals can be all day (as well as all night!) adventures, with multiple meals and libations throughout, so to have a canvas for sitting, eating, singing and dancing – that doesn’t show much wear and tear – that is a hero product in our mind.

festival essentials: plenty of pillows

Pillow Party

If you want to take your camp up a notch, just add pillows. More than any other décor accessory, when people see pillows, they feel at home, taken care of, comfortable and happy to stay-a-while. Our Shibori pillows are flying off the shelves here, due to their distinct pattern and flexibility against almost any other color or design story. Festival style is meant to be a hodge-podge, a mix of colors and patterns that create a symphony of style that’s less designed, but no less intentional. Our mandala pillows are also becoming a haute favorite, and do the same thing; add comfortable dimension. Festivals are easy-going affairs, with a built-in “no fuss” attitude – which is why you want this bohemian, unpracticed approach to festival décor. It’s authentic and easy to achieve.

relax with decorative throw pillows

Parasol Essential Festival Accessory

Photo Credit: Craig Arend Coachella Fashion

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The sun, while one of the best parts of a summer festival, is also the most unrelenting element, second only to wind. May we suggest a parasol for a little protection? This easy-to-pack accessory will do just the trick in mitigating glare, heat, and exposure, and provide sunscreen on the go – from stage to stage or during impromptu socializing. With so many colors to choose from, a group of parasols stands out as a band of stylishly appointed festival goers! Ours are solidly constructed, and can even stand up to a little wind and minor drizzle, should some come your way.

So, why wait? Get ready to get down with laid back style – the would-be envy of Coachella & Bonnaroo, whether you're wandering the festival circuit or enjoying festivities closer to home!

festival tapestry beach blanket ideas: DIY tent

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The Art of Cozy

Posted by Amy Swift Crosby on Feb 19, 2016 3:09:54 PM


It’s one thing to see a space that begs for books, conversations, popcorn and movies… we all need that room in our homes. But it’s another to know that the beautiful things that surround you are sourced ethically, are non-toxic and that were made lovingly - not by a machine - but by an artisan who cared enough to make the very last stitch just right.

Our handmade traditional Indian wood-block print textiles are made with environmentally friendly vegetable dyes and then sun dried to ensure perfectly soft, cuddle-friendly cotton.

It feels good… to buy the kinds of products… that make us feel so good, in every way!

Mix & match with world-class style.

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Cozy is A Verb

Posted by Maia Bissette on Feb 11, 2016 11:01:00 AM


It can be hard to put your finger on the recipe for cozy – because it not only looks inviting, it feels like coming “home” whether it’s your own home or not. The art of cozying up a space is indeed just that – a skill that some people do well, while others struggle.

How to make something as soft as it is beautiful, as warm as it is refined, as unplanned and unpretentious as it is thoughtful and designy? Lighting is key. Layering matters. Color, of course, is important.

But texture trumps all of it. Blankets and throws are the quickest road to happy when it comes to nestling into a space. Explore our softer side here and cue the kindling and music.

It's time to warm up and cozy-down!

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