Springtime Soirees

Posted by Angelina Carrera on Apr 23, 2017 12:13:06 PM

When we create a ceremony outdoors, it's best to give particular attention to designing décor anchors – so our guests know where to gather, especially in venues that are vast, wild or uncontained. From weddings to bridal showers to graduation parties, summer takes the stage when it comes to tapping into Mother Nature’s bounty. Tablescapes are the most obvious place to start because we eat, drink, toast and bond over tables. So why not make the conversation more interesting with strong centerpieces?

Luna Bazaar contributor Angelina Carrera hosted a magical party at Grassini Family Vineyards in Happy Canyon (of all places), located in Santa Barbara, CA. We love the decorative accents she styled around our latest Rose Gold Collection and the any-season colors she chose. Here, she shares tips on creating jaw-dropping celebration tables for the coming months, with an emphasis on romancing guests with the right feeling, mood, and flavor.

Wild Florals:

Whether decorating for a wedding or similar type of momentous occasion, romance is an element that everyone wants – but that few know how to create without feeling a bit forced. I did it here by emphasizing wild greenery in my floral décor – sort of an untamed, passionate approach to designing flowers. When floral feels fixed, measured or overly planned, it can be lovely – but it’s not as emotional or magical. In this case, I foraged some of it and bought some of it. Depending on the season, you can set out with a pair of clippers and find a ton of optimal greenery – or source it at a florist. The idea is to forget formalities and be brave and easygoing with your greens. Let them tell you where to go, and use a vase that can accommodate the weight of greens, with flowers in the middle.

Wild Florals Event Table

Mercury Glass Centerpeices

Material Elements:

Wood makes so much sense outdoors, as do stones, sand, shells, and branches. Here, I placed a wooden cheeseboard under the tabletop décor elements, on top of a weathered outdoor table of a different age and grain. I loved pairing the two because it made for an interesting texture that was warm and inviting – and a little unexpected. I wanted just an inch or so of height to the centerpiece, and this wood slat accomplished that, raising the votives and food just the slightest bit for effect.

Place Settings:

Juxtaposition is everything in design, and it’s no different outside. I focused on a wild, romantic center, which means I could afford to be more formal and vintage with candle holders, glassware and place settings. Between gold utensils, beveled glass and antique china, the contrasts felt homey but also sophisticated. Add the mercury glass glow – mixed metallic’s bouncing off the natural light – and it’s a whimsical, really intimate look that made everyone want to be there and stay there.

rose gold tabletop decorations

Rose Gold Décor:
The wonder child of modern tablescapes! You almost can’t go wrong with this color, and what’s better – you can use it in any season, whether indoor, outdoor, underground – it thrives in the light or dark. I wanted a familiar, happy feeling for this gathering of old friends and extended family – something warm and cozy. I mixed and matched with classic gold mercury glass and vintage pink decorations to create this timeless look. Rose Gold makes everything glow, including the guests. Everyone’s cheeks look flushed and rosy. It's the best when a design does more than you plan for – that surprises and solves problems that you didn’t know you had. Rose Gold decorations make magic wherever you place them!


Rose Gold Decorations

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Outdoor Weddings

Posted by Maia Bissette on Apr 14, 2016 2:00:01 PM
Photo Credit: onelove photography

Weddings are the perfect opportunity for a couple to express their love, and to invite others to join them in celebration of their union.

Whether beachside, poolside, on a lake or in the forest, outdoor weddings inspire everyone to share joy in the infinite beauty of nature.

Yet there’s more to outdoor than the gorgeous surroundings. Outdoor venues offer an exquisite canvas to design and decorate with accents that brighten, add color and express unique personality.

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See how these couples made their special day amazing using parasols, paper lanterns, hanging glass and more.

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Easy Destination Wedding Décor

Posted by Maia Bissette on Jan 22, 2016 4:15:00 PM


When it comes to getting hitched in a faraway fantasy place, one not-so-dreamy part is how to get everything there. Plenty of products condense nicely into suitcases and allow brides and planners to BYOD – bring your own décor – easily and inexpensively. Items that are great to pack with you include our tissue paper pom-poms, tissue paper flowers, and paper lanterns.

All are light-weight and pack flat, with measurements detailed online. Learn their simple assembly with the how-to videos on our website to guide you.

The only thing left is to start clicking…and packing!

The Average “checked baggage” weight and size limitations are no heavier than 50 pounds, and no larger than 62” (length + width + height). Your carry-on is quite a bit smaller, more like 45” (22”x14”9”), but still holds a dazzling assortment of hand fans, favor bags, and pretty paper flowers!

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Destination Wedding in Rose Quartz

Posted by Maia Bissette on Jan 20, 2016 3:00:00 PM


Planning a destination wedding involves hundreds of details. Everyone knows the backdrop will be memorable – whether it’s Mexico, Nantucket, Hawaii or California – the scenery does it’s own heavy lifting when it comes to walking down the aisle.

But what’s more challenging is décor. One of the best strategies to creating a breathtaking environment is to plan ahead with paper goods – parasols, pom poms, fans, lanterns – they deliver big but are budget-friendly and recyclable. They allow planners the ease of designing from afar, uncomplicated shipping, quick and efficient day-of decorating, and post-event breakdown that’s as simple as gathering and gifting (or recyling)!

This season, we’re loving the Pantone 2016 favorite Rose Quartz. For anyone who loves accents in white, gray or corals, Rose Quartz is an opportunity to create a soothing, serene environment anywhere in the world. Photographer Amanda Hein (@amandaheinphoto) captured these looks with Luna Bazaar paper lanterns and more!

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